Share More!

First, you might have noticed I did not post on Monday and boy did I stress about not posting. This week was the first full week back at work since my partner retuned home and I have been trying to whip everyone back into shape. We are all, slowly but surely, getting to our family routine, one day at a time.


Happiness is only real when shared— Jon Krakauer


If sharing is caring why don’t we share more especially when it comes to happiness? When did sharing our joy, bliss, happiness, excitement, and jubilation with the world become a crime? I cannot count how many times I have heard people encouraging others to safe guard their happy moments as though sharing could some how diminish the experience. I am always shocked when I hear such advice because keeping our happiness to ourselves like a buried treasure benefits no one. In truth, when we share our happiness with others we give and receive more positive emotions and experiences. If sharing a rumor breathes life into a lie that spreads from person to person sharing our joy breathes life into love and connection that transcends the collective human experience.


If we know negative thoughts and feelings are contagious surely the same is true for positives thoughts and feelings. To often we are quick to share our pain, angry and angst with any person who is appears remotely interested in listening. Yet, we switch to radio silence the moment pleasure arises. We approach sharing happiness like it’s some communicable disease. However, we often lack the same reverence when it comes sharing unhappy or difficult moments. In order to be grounded it is necessary to share the things that pain us, what we fear, and when we feel angry. The thing is when we engage in conversation centered around the negative that has taken place we also give power to the negative situation. It does not take long for the person listening to jump in with all of the negative events and bad days that have also happened to them.


Sharing our negative emotions (not just anger) allows others to rally around us, support us and affords us the opportunity to develop pathways to conflict resolution. Voicing our struggles lessen our emotional burden while sharing our joy rejuvenates our mind, body, and soul. Whether it is positive or negative, sharing is an invitation for others to join with us. We tend to be protective of our bliss as though someone could come and steal it from us. In reality, sharing our happiness allows others to celebrate and share their happiness with us in return. At the end of the day Happiness breeds more happiness.


Food for thought:


What prevents you from sharing you happy moments with others?

Can you think of ways to share you joy with other more often?

When others share with you their joyous moments do you rejoices and celebrate with them?

What can you do today to spread happiness?