This little light of mine

No one lights a lamp in order to hide it behind the door: the purpose of light is to create more light, to open people’s eyes, to reveal the marvels around. – “The Witch of Portobello” By Paulo Coelho


I am currently pondering this quote because it resonates with me on several different levels. Every time I read this quote I automatically think of the gifts each of us have. Sadly, when I ask people about their gifts most are unable to identify what they have to offer. Gifts are beyond what we do well. Rather, our gifts are a glimpse of our soul and life purpose often manifesting in what we do well. They are not simply tasks but reflections of our authenticity and connection on a soul level. Think of how Julia Child’s work as a chef inspired and transformed the lives of thousands of people. Cooking is a common task people engage in daily. Most of us do not use our culinary skills to inspire and transform others. When we practice using our gifts we feel both elated and connected. Gifts help us carry out our life purpose. Gifts are so innate parts of our soul when we do not use them we feel as though something is messing.



When we allow our gifts to shine we can feel as though we are vibrating. Our whole energy pattern changes in a way that is often noticeable to others. We are on fire or in our zone. Although many people have similar gifts how we are meant to use these gifts are individualized to our life’s purpose. Think about all of the activists, artist, and leaders who have changed the world for the better. They were activating and utilizing their individual gifts in ways that could not be replicated. Your individual gift is important and only you can deliver it. Not every person’s gift is going to be nationally recognized. Every time we use our gifts we create positive ripples in the human experience. Think about the teacher who is patient even with the most trying of children. The teacher’s care and attention could help steer troubled children into a different more positive direction (Lean On Me). Practicing our gifts is how we remain connected to our higher power. Because our gifts are created out of love they help us also connect with the whole of humanity.




  • What are your gifts?


  • How do you use your gifts?


  • How have you been inspired by the gifts of others.