Hi all,

My name is Danell (Danielle) and this is my blog. Well, this is interesting. If you are reading this you are no doubt on my blog. The interesting part about this whole thing is what you are about to read is not what I originally intended to write as the opening of my blog. I had this grand idea I could share all the beautiful lessons I had learned and all of the wonderful insights I have developed, over the years, without sharing anything personal. I was truly planning for this blog to be my outlet without letting out anything.

I have come to the conclusion, in order for this blog to be my offering I have to be vulnerable. Simply showing up and smiling willing not cut it. Sharing personally was not the plan. But the magic happens when we go off road into the messy and unplanned; off script and uncensored. It is an honor to be in the middle with all of you. Let’s make magic.